Jalangkote, all of this can be finished in short time only by 3 kids. Lol

What is the most killer food for my kids for breakfasting menu? It’s Jalangkote. Jalangkote is a fried pastry filled with vegetables, minced beef and slices of boiled egg. Eat with watery chili sauce. Yummy. Jalangkote also called Pastel at some places like Jakarta, Bandung.

Along Ramadhan, I always ask my kids to request what kind of food they want to eat for breakfasting, dinner and sahur meal. I think it’s a way to motivate them to keep their spirit and stand fasting until breakfasting time. With this way, they also will get up to have sahur meal immediately, we don’t have to wake them up thousands times. What about my hubby? The fact is we live at different city. Until the 12th fasting day, I only have one breakfasting together. Concequences for our decision to work each of us to make our life better. So my hubby have to take care of himself. But if we together, we prefer to go to outside.
Most of the food we produce ourself. We prefer this because the quantity can be maximum or unlimited, more hygiene, more healthy, more delicious, and cheaper. I don’t really like to buy food outside then brought to home. At least not for this Ramadhan because I have a quite perfect assistant at home. She can cook as well than I am. I don’t have to go home early to prepare breakfasting menu and wake up early to prepare sahur meals.

Back to topic, the kids request Jalangkote nearly everytime. But it’s not easy to make it everytime. We usually make for 2 days stocks. We frozen half of it for the day after. Along Ramadhan we already eat it 4 times.
Actually, I already write this recipe but in Bahasa. I rewrite this in English.

Ingredients of pastry skin:

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 tsp flavoring like royco, masako

2 tablespoons hot oil

Enough water.

Ingredients of Filling:

2 carrots, 2 potatoes (sliced into small squares)

50 g mince beef

2 pcs garlic, 4 pcs red onion, 1/2 teaspoon pepper

celery leaves

1 small pack of glass noodles (indonesia: sohun) (brewed with hot water, scissors short)

Sauce ingredients:

2 pcs garlic

5 pcs chili

2 tbsp vinegar

4 tablespoons granulated sugar

enough water

salt to taste

How to make:

Stir-fry minced meat with the spices. Enter the carrots, potatoes and enough water, cook until cooked and the water runs out. Enter the celery leaves and glass noodles. Mix well. Refrigerate.

Mix all the ingredients to be crushed. Printed using round mold.
Filled the filling ingredients into the skin with pieces of boiled egg, cover and curl the edge of the skin.


Blend garlic and chilli. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan, cook until the water is reduced by half.



  1. It’s one of my favorite snacks, Mbak. And they are better when they’re hot and spicy–they taste better! But I never imagined that making this food will be so easy–I think I should make some by the time I arrived in my hometown :hehe.

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